Our album '989' has been available since June 2000, during which time we have accumulated several reviews that you can read on our Reviews page. The best thing though, obviously, is to buy it and see. If you think we're terrible and you are ashamed to have the CD in your house, then you could frisbee us out of the window and perhaps someone might come by and find us and take us home with them, thus sowing the seeds of XiM in a random fashion, unless the dog gets us first. Alternatively, you might love it and encourage all of your friends to get a copy too. Please browse through the reviews, and if you would like to purchase a copy of 989 you can do it in one of the following ways.




We have a beautiful t-shirt, designed by Kate. It come in three styles, Men's (XL,L,M), Skinnifit (one size), and Women's vests (one size). We've got lots of different colours black, burgundy, navy, olive, royal blue, red, pink and turquoise. All have our new Xim logo in silver on the front. Give us a call and we'll see if we have the size, style and colour you want. £8.50 inc p&p.

Buying 989

By mail order
From Xim, email us on

At gigs
Come to any of our gigs (shown on our Gig list page) and the price is (usually) £12, along with a slip of paper (subject to availability) informing you as to which tunes are for which dances; signed copies available; any questions answered and four very grateful looking faces smiling at you.

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Here are a couple of tracks from the album (in MP3 format) to give you a teasing taster.

Click to download.

Sweetbriar / The Whiffler (4.24) (1.75 meg)

Waterlilly (2.01) (825 kb)