XiM was born in 1998 when co-organisers of the Massif Village Orchestra, Frank Vickers and Paddy Shaw, saw the potential for a new angle on central French dance music. They were looking for an opportunity to write and perform original material with a fresh perspective on groove and instrumentation. Frank and Paddy asked friends (and fellow members of the MVO) Nick Carpenter and Kate Ross if they would be interested in the project, and (needless to say) they said yes. Since then the group has been writing and arranging hoards of Mazurkas, Schottisches, Bourrées, Waltzes etc. and performing at festivals, folk clubs, dances and concerts all over the place.
Where and when
Since birth, XiM has forced people onto dance floors at: Sidmouth International Festival of Folk Arts, Ely Folk Festival, Thoresby Park Fest Noz, Lancaster Clocks Back Festival, Bergues Festival (France), Norwich Arts Centre, Reeling in Ealing, Greenpeace Fair (Suffolk), IVFDF (Cambridge), Worstead Festival, King Street Festival (Norwich), Fair on the Green (Diss, Norfolk), Norwich 01 Festival. Concert performances have made people sit up and listen at: Folk in the Fall (London), Towersey Village Folk Festival, The Royal Festival Hall, Hale End Folk Club, Castle Acre Folk Club. '989' has been played on the airwaves by: 'Late Junction' (BBC Radio 3), BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Radio (Midlands),Prairie Ceilidh Radio (Cananda) and in numerous homes around the world.

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